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The Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall

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A YA Thriller for fans of Megan Abbott and Michele Leathers in this gripping young adult thriller with complex friendships, high stakes, and the amount of blood it takes to remain at the top.

Popularity is currency at Lincoln Republic High School and childhood friends Sascha, Natalie, and Boris are cashing out. 

The three of them are powerhouses in their respective fields, but unstoppable when they come together. Sascha, the charismatic cheerleader; Boris, the smooth-talking star athlete and Natalie, the brilliant yet manipulative valedictorian, have done unspeakable things to claw their way to the top.

In 1994, their senior year, the trio strives for change and envisions using their reputation to cultivate a less cut-throat legacy, in hopes of leaving behind the competitiveness that defined their previous years. 

After tensions boil to an all-time high, a fight breaks out that leaves the three friends with blood on their hands and a body to dispose of. Each superstar is desperate to maintain their social standing and would go to extreme lengths to protect their legacy. 

A revenge plot exposes twisted secrets, forcing Sascha, Natalie, and Boris to confront the consequences of their actions. Before long, they question the limits of their dedication to one another.

Senior year is proving to be not enough time to right their wrongs. Not when half the school is awaiting their inevitable fall from grace.  

CONTENT GUIDANCE: This novel contains aspects of death, blood, death of a loved one, gun violence, injury/injury detail, murder, child abuse, suicide, bullying, light/moderate profanity, and violence. Please read with care.

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