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Thank you for visiting my website! We are in the process of a big rebrand and overhaul, which will take a while. The author will be making a huge shift and will be focusing on different genres, along with redesigning her brand for her business as a whole. This includes for the website, so many links and tabs may be broken until the website is relaunched.

The author

Shauntel was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. After 7 years of crafting stories that made no sense, the author pursued writing in 2015, completing her first full-length novel the following year. Shauntel launched her writing career with her debut novel, One of Us Is Gone. Expect gripping young adult thriller, mystery & suspense stories with an unreliable narrator, murder, and a dash of romance. If you’d like to keep up with whom she kills off next, follow her active socials and join her mailing list to be notified when a new release drops.

Instagram: @shauntelanetteauthor